Fruit-growing – Resistance breeding

Breeding apples with durable disease resistance
M. Kellerhals, C. Kesper, B. Koller, C. Gessler

Yield and quality of new scab-resistant apple varieties
Franz Rueß

Alleyway groundcover management and scab resistant apple varieties
H. Lindhard Pedersen, M. Bertelsen

Viticulture – copper replacement and plant defence

Copper replacement in organic viticulture – state of the art in legislation and research
B. Berkelmann-Löhnertz

Biology of Plasmopara viticola – approach to a biological control of grapevine downy mildew
H.-H. Kassemeyer, C. Büche, S. Unger, B. Kiefer, K. Löffel, P. Nick, M. Riemann, R. Guggenheim, J. Rumbolz

Induced resistance: a strategy for the control of grape downy mildew?
G. Buchholz, H.-H. Kassemeyer, T. Selbicke

Grapevine berry phenolic compounds in relation with plant water status
A. Deloire, H. Ojeda, B. Federspiel, E. Kraeva, C. Andary

Disease-resistant vine varieties as a tool to minimize the use of copper
P. Basler

Viticulture – copper replacement by use of plant extracts and plant defence

About the use of antagonistic bacteria and fungi
R. Tilcher, C. Schmidt, D. Lorenz, G. A. Wolf

Use of Reynoutria sachalinensis plant extracts, clay preparations and Brovibacillus brevis against fungal diseases of grape berries
A. Schmitt, S. Kunz, S. Nandi, B. Seddon, A. Ernst

Fungicidal preparations from Inula viscosa
Y. Cohen, A. Baider, B. Ben-Daniel, Y. Ben-Daniel

Effects of plant extracts on downy mildew of vine-laboratory and field experiments
W. K. Kast

Evaluation of environmentally friendly products for control of fungal diseases of grapes
A. M.C. Schilder, J. M. Gillett, R. W. Sysak, J. C. Wise

Viticulture – practical experience in organic viticulture

Effects of different cultivation techniques on vineyard fauna
J. Mikulás, Cs. Kutasi, V. Markó, Cs., A. Balog

Kupferreduzierung im ökologischen Weinbau in Deutschland Feldversuche und praktische Erfahrungen
R. Kauer, M. Wolff, J. Uhl, M. Schmidt, B. Berkelmann-Löhnertz

Copper reduction and copper replacement – results and experiences of 12 years on farm research
U. J. H. Hofmann

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