Call for Papers


Registration of contributions with a short summary of the topic:  27.11.2023
Submission of extended abstracts (papers) for the Proceedings: 15.12.2023


Oral presentations
(15 Minutes) are previewed for large topics with good standing results.

Poster presentations
Poster presentations are intended for small topics or one-year experiments.
If a poster refers to the main topics, it may be invited by organizers as an oral spotlight presentation (5 minutes, maximum 6 sheets), after each main topic, in the section to permit the inclusion of its information in the general discussion. In this case, the authors are not obliged to present the poster in the poster session.
All other posters are presented during the poster session.

Download the instructions how to prepare the poster

If the time table does not allow the admission of all contributions intended as oral presentations as such the organizers will decide which contributions should be presented as poster and/or oral presentation.


For each presentation there must be given a contri­bution to the Proceedings. Without contribution available at the conference a presentation is not possible. Contributions can only be accepted if the word documents with detailed formatting instructions are used. The contributions will be available to participants online during the conference and afterwards on the homepage of the conference as proceedings of the Conference.

Modalities of contribution to the Proceedings

Reviewed papers
These contributions must be of high scientific quality and are submitted to a peer review. The maximum length of the paper should not exceed 7 pages. These contributions will be subject to a peer review.

Download word document with instructions for authors of reviewed papers

Short contributions
This (separate) part of the Proceedings is intended for contributions that do not aim for scientific publication but give important information (e.g. small experiments) or experiences that can help the discussion about the improvement of organic fruit growing production systems. These contributions are submitted only to an abbreviated review.
The maximum length of these contributions should not exceed 4 pages.

Download word document with instructions for authors of short contributions

Short communications
Authors that publish or are going to publish in other scientific journals have the possibility to submit a short abstract (1-2 pages) citing the full publication or delivering the information after the publication for the Ecofruit website. These contributions will be submitted only to an abbreviated review.

Download word document with instructions for authors of short communications


Topics for the workshop sessions (usual duration 1 h) can be proposed by all participants. They should have a shared interest, not a private one.

Organizing commitee

Jutta Kienzle, Föko e.V., Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Sabine Zikeli, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Prof. Dr. Claus P.W. Zebitz, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Dr. Markus Kelderer, Laimburg Research Centre (I)
Christian König, LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Franz Ruess,  LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Sascha  Buchleither, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Dr. Ulrich Mayr, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Gerjan Brouwer, Delphy (NL)
Dr. Michael Friedli, FIBL (CH)
Francois Warlop, GRAB (F)
Hanne Lindhard, GartneriRådgivningen (DK)
Andreas Spornberger, BOKU Wien (AT)
Dr. Eligio Malusa, RIH Skierniewice (PL)