Proceedings 2024

The Proceedings include three kinds of contributions:

Reviewed Papers

This part contains papers of scientific quality which were subject of a full anonymous peer review process. Each contribution was sent to at least two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field of study. The editorial decision of acceptance of a paper in the Conference and in the part “reviewed papers” of the Proceedings was done by the Conference Organisers based on the referees’ reports.

Short Contributions

This part of the Proceedings is reserved for smaller contributions. They were subject to an abbreviated reviewing process (only one reviewer, conclusions must not be based on trials over more years or locations).

Short Communications

Authors have the possibility to present a short communication (just a short summary of two pages, not reviewed) in the proceedings and to refer to an existing or ongoing publication elsewhere. If acceptance of this publication was not yet clear or the contribution was not yet submitted to a journal, the authors have the possibility to inform us about the citation after publication. In this case, the citation will be found on Ecofruit website as soon as available.
For a clear arrangement of the contributions they are listed following the order of the topics. The information about the kind of contribution can be found in the topline of the pages.


Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties
Strategies for Disease Management
Strategies for Pest Management
Strategies for the Enhancement of Biodiversity
Sustainability and Orchard Design
Small Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation
Stone Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation
Crop Regulation
Strategies for Soil Health Care


Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties

Steps towards Dessert Fruit Varieties with Quantitative Host Resistance – Report on Strategy, Experiences and Results of Poma Culta Apple Breeding
N. Bolliger – Short Contribution

Selection and development of late-flowering apple varieties to avoid frost damage in organic fruit growing
B. Scherrer, F. Rueß, C. Koenig, M. Meyer, U. Mayr, A. Milyaev, M.H. Hagemann,
P. Haug – Reviewed Paper

Screening apple cultivars better adapted to organic fruit production – a transborder and participatory approach
A. Rondia, B. Dumont, T. Donis, J.-B. Rey, R. Stievenard, G. Bruneau,
M. Lateur – Reviewed Paper

Participative breeding of unique Danish apple cultivars
M. Korsgaard1 and T.B. Toldam-Andersen – Short Contribution

Biological traits of clone varieties of Malus sieversii from the ex-situ collection
in Almaty

G. Mukan, L. Shadmanova and A. Sankaibaeva – Reviewed Paper

DECIDUOUS : a user-friendly tool to support fruit tree choice for agroforestry
F. Warlop, A.Volant and R. Paut – Short Contribution

Strategies for Disease Management

Application of acid clay against sooty blotch in organic apple cultivation in South Tyrol
J. Telfser, C. Casera, S. Soppelsa and M. Kelderer – Reviewed Paper

Sooty blotch management in summer: alternatives to the use of copper
M. Schluchter and S. Buchleither – Reviewed Paper

Potential reduction of sooty blotch on apples using specialized brushing technique after harvest
S. Späth, L. Schlittenhardt and S. Buchleither – Short Contribution

Wine Yeast as Potential Biological Control Agent Against Downy Mildew of Grapevine (Plasmopara viticola)
R. A. Behrendt, T.B. Toldam-Andersen, N. Arneborg, D. B. Collinge and B. Jensen – Reviewed Paper

Differences in apple cultivar susceptibility to apple blotch disease
S. Richter, M. Höfer, A. Bohr, S. Buchleither, H. Flachowsky, T. Wöhner – Short Contribution

Hyperspectral analysis of storage rot disease in apple
J.-A. Viscio, S. Thomas and R. T. Voegele – Short Contribution

Field experiments: Pear scab on ‘Conference’
K. Kots, M. van Driel and C. M. Wenneker – Short Communication

Real-time PCR as a promising tool to monitor the epidemiology of Venturia pirina
M. van Driel, K. Kots and M. Wenneker – Short Communication

Strategies for Pest Management

Laying hens in apple orchards to reduce fruit damages
S. Bosshardt, A. Dufils, R. Sabatier and M. Navarrete – Reviewed Paper

“OekoapfelForward”: New strategies for codling moth resistance management and fungicide reduction in organic apple production
S. Biganski, J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, G. Esenova, H. Maisel, B. Benduhn,
and J. A. Jehle – Short Communication

Further Investigations of the Sex Pheromone of Female Pear Gall Midge, Contarinia pyrivora
D. R. Hall, D. P. Bray, D. I. Farman, L. Amarawardana, J. V. Cross, M. T. Fountain, N. Ionita, G. W. Brouwer, S. M. Kemp, R. Petré, M. Lateur, A. Jorion, L. Hautier, G. Vaccari, S. Vergnani, S. Caruso and B. Gandubert – Short Contribution

Catching apple and pear sawfly on white sticky roller tape
G. Brouwer, S. Kemp, R. Madsen, H. Pedersen, R. Petré, P. J. Jansonius, C. V. H.
Andersen – Short Contribution

Aphid regulation in covered organic apricot production by open rearing and releasing of beneficial insects
S. Amsler, C. Boutry and M. Friedli – Short Contribution

Feeding ants with sugar: control of rosy apple aphid
S. M. Kemp, G. W. Brouwer1, P. J. Jansonius, F. L. Wäckers – Short Contribution

Evaluation of hoverfly releases for the biological control of woolly apple aphid in combination with flower strips in an apple orchard
F. Panzeri, J. Telfser, M. Kelderer and S. Angeli – Short Contribution

Invasive stink bug damages in fruit crops – Damage occurrence and development during storage
N. Haag and C. Dieckhoff – Short Contribution

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and its Biological Control – Quo vadis?
C. Dieckhoff, N. Haag, O. Zimmermann and A. Eben – Short Communication

What makes plants attractive for a polyphagous bug? Investigations on host plant selection of Halyomorpha halys for developing a new plant protection strategy for organic farming
A. Koßmann, B. Czarnobai de Jorge, T. Strümpfler, E. Beizen-Heineke, A. V. Patel,
A. Eben and J. Gross – Short Communication

First results with the release of Trissolcus cultratus Walker for the control of the red legged stinkbug Pentatoma rufipes L.
H. Al karrat; J. Kienzle, B. Walliser, J. Rademacher and C.P.W. Zebitz – Short Communication

Testing effects of field realistic pesticide tank mixtures used in organic orchard farming on adult honey bees and bee colonies
M. C. Seidel, A. Wernecke, J. Pistorius, A. Alkassab, J. H. Eckert – Short Contribution

Strategies for the Enhancement of Biodiversity

Development of an extended decision threshold for the application of plant protection products in organic fruit frowing: A case study on the control of Anthonomus pomorum (L.) with pyrethrins
H. Maisel, M. Schluchter, J. Kienzle, G. Esenova – Short Communication

First experience in extension service working with the new catalogue of measures for nature conservation integrated in the orchard management
B. Benduhn, C. Denzel, G. Esenova, J. Kienzle, A. Krismann, H. Maisel – Short Communication

How about biological control in market gardening agroforestry?
M. Jacquot, L. Boiron, F. Warlop – Short Communication

Flower reservoirs in organic stone fruit orchards: Promoting functional biodiversity with a low input strategy
L. Reinbacher, R. Muller, M. Friedli, C. Boutry, S. Amsler, F. Baumgartner, L. Pfiffner, S. Saussure and D. Lucas-Barbosa – Short Communication

The importance of native flora in orchards
E. Wilhelm, S. Soppelsa, M. Kelderer – Short Communication

Sustainability and Orchard Design

The orchard as a complex system: a Permaculture Design Model
E. Dallavalle, C. Bazzocchi and C. Buscaroli – Short Contribution

First results of applying an automatically operating rain roof covering system in organic apple production
S. Buchleither, M. Schluchter and T. Arnegger – Reviewed Paper

Agrivoltaics in apple farming – comparing two roof systems and four apple cultivars
A. Bohr, S. Buchleither and U. Mayr – Short Communication

Small Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation

Application of pupal parasitoids for the biological control of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in berry fruit production
M. Ponchon, C. Boeninger, A. Reineke, J. Martin, A. Eben, P. Katz, J. Rademacher,
A. Herz – Short Communication

Use of dead-end plants in orchards: A potential strategy to control Drosophila suzukii?
S. Wenz, M. Hauck, N. Ramlow, A. Reineke – Short Communication

Effect of different practices enhancing biodiversity on pest and beneficial organism populations in organic strawberry and raspberry production
G. Podedworny, M. Tartanus and E. Malusà – Short Communication

Rice bran as non-chemical soil fumigant for organic strawberry cultivation
S. Soppelsa, M. Gasser, M. Zago and M. Kelderer – Reviewed Paper

Stone Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation

Innovative organic apricot orchards to control pests and diseases: interest of rain cover, insect net and chicken breeding
C.-E. Parveaud, A. Fleury, F. Combe, F. Oboussier, M. Gaslain, L. Dussert,
M. Le Pans, L. Le Rossignol, M. Jacquot, M. Parel, L. Brun – Reviewed Paper

Breeding of robust peach cultivars for organic production in Austria
A. Spornberger, D. Noll – Short Contribution

Crop Regulation

Can the addition of paraffin oil improve the thinning effect of lime sulphur?
E. Lardschneider, M. Kelderer and J. Telfser – Reviewed Paper

Strategies for Soil Health Care

Impact of living mulches on belowground biodiversity and soil nutrient status of an organic apple orchard
E.M. Furmanczyk, D. Kozacki, M. Tartanus and E. Malusà – Short Communication

Development of a model to define a soil quality index
S. Violino, S. Figorilli, A. Manfredini, L. Canfora, E. Malusà, F. Pallottino,
F. Antonucci and C. Costa – Short Communication

Soil management strategies and observations on their effect on soil fertility: Survey of German organic fruit growers
B. Lepp and S. Zikeli – Short Communication

Effect of application of mycorrhizal fungi on apple tree growth after planting
R. Vávra and T. Litschmann – Short Contribution

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