Strategies for other Diseases: Sooty Blotch

Sooty blotch of apple: Efficacy of different application strategies
U. Mayr, S. Späth

Small Fruit: Breeding and Testing of Cultivar

Results from a three year testing project of new strawberry cultivars in Verticillium infested soils and under organic farming conditions
A. Spornberger, H. Weissinger, R. Steffek, J. Scheiblauer,
K. Jezik, J. Altenburger, K. Stich

Testing of strawberry-varieties (with/without biodegradable mulch film) for organic cultivation
B. Pfeiffer

Pathogenicity in Verticillium on strawberry plants
P. Schubert, J. Golldack, H. Schwärzel, P. Lentzsch

Strawberry breeding for disease resistance in Dresden
K. Olbricht, M.-V. Hanke

Small Fruit: Cultivation Methods

Influence of different soil preparation techniques on organically grown strawberries
L. Brockamp, B. Eis

Effect of mechanical soil treatment in blueberry orchards
B. Benduhn, P. Maxin, B. Pfeiffer

Development of an Organic Table Grape Production and Market
in Switzerland

A. Häseli, J.-L. Tschabold, F. Suter and F. P. Weibel

Soil Management

The mineralization of commercial organic fertilizers at 8°C temperature
M. Kelderer, M. Thalheimer, O. Andreaus, A. Topp, R. Burger, P. Schiatti

Soil microbial activity and earthworm abundance in orchards under
conventional and organic growth management systems

L. Jamar, M. Aubinet, T. Fievez, H. Magein, M. Lateur

Mirid Control

Pilot field studies on insect pathogenic fungi to control mirid pests of apples in Norway
G. Jaastad, I. Klingen, K. Westrum and B. Hovland

A survey of natural parasitism of mirid bugs by parasitoids on apples and pears in Norway
G. Jaastad, N. Trandem, B. Hovland and R. T. Djønne

Codling Moth: Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Control of Diapausing Larvae

Effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes in the control of
Cydia pomonella larvae in Northern Italy

G. Curto, A. Reggiani, S. Vergnani, S. Caruso, E. Ladurner

Experiences with entomopathogenic nematodes for the control of overwintering codling moth larvae in Germany
J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, F. Volk, C. P. W. Zebitz

Entomopathogenic nematodes for biological control of codling moth
A. Peters, P. Katz, E. Elias

Fruit Setting

Tree shading: an efficient method to control alternate bearing?
M. Kelderer, E. Lardschneider, C. Casera

Towards Grower-friendly Apple Crop Thinning by Tree Shading
A. Widmer, K. Kockerols, S. Schwan, W. Stadler and L. Bertschinger

Thinning of Organic Apple Production with Potassic Soap and Calcium Polysulfide at the North of Spain
E. Dapena de la Fuente, A. Fernández-Ceballos

Optimizing crop loading of apples and pears – results 2004-2006 (foliar fertilizers, thinning)
B. Pfeiffer, B. Eis, J. Zimmer, N. Fieger-Metag

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