Proceedings 2022

The Proceedings include three kinds of contributions:

Reviewed Papers

This part contains papers of scientific quality which were subject of a full anonymous peer review process. Each contribution was sent to at least two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field of study. The editorial decision of acceptance of a paper in the Conference and in the part “reviewed papers” of the Proceedings was done by the Conference Organisers based on the referees’ reports.

Short Contributions

This part of the Proceedings is reserved for smaller contributions. They were subject to an abbreviated reviewing process (only one reviewer, conclusions must not be based on trials over more years or locations).

Short Communications

Authors have the possibility to present a short communication (just a short summary of two pages, not reviewed) in the proceedings and to refer to an existing or ongoing publication elsewhere. If acceptance of this publication was not yet clear or the contribution was not yet submitted to a journal, the authors have the possibility to inform us about the citation after publication. In this case, the citation will be found on Ecofruit website as soon as available.
For a clear arrangement of the contributions they are listed following the order of the topics. The information about the kind of contribution can be found in the topline of the pages.


Pome Fruit: Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties
Soil Management
Pome Fruit: Strategies for Disease Control
Sheltered Production
Biodiversity Enhancement
Organic Fruit Growing in Europe: First Results of the Project BioFruitNet
Pome Fruit: Pest Management
Fruit Quality of Dried Organic Pome Fruit
Stone Fruit
Small Fruit


Pome Fruit: Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties

Conclusions from 38 years apple breeding at Agroscope in Waedenswil
M. Kellerhals, M. Hodel, S. Buehlmann-Schuetz – Reviewed Paper

Reintroduction of old local scab-resistant/tolerant varieties in organic orchards in Italy
C. Buscaroli – Short Contribution

Testing apple and pear cultivars for organic production in Denmark
M. Bertelsen and H. Lindhard Pedersen – Short Contribution

On farm testing of organic apple and pear cultivars
H. Lindhard Pedersen, B. Petersen and M. Korsgaard – Short Contribution

Advantages of the rootstock CG 11 for the cultivar ‘Natyra’® at the LVWO Weinsberg (site with moderate rainfall)
B. Pfeiffer – Reviewed Paper

Soil Management

The influence of organic fertilizers on nutrient balance, yield, soil nutrient and organic matter – results of a 10-year field study
I. Schunk, A. Topp, M. Kelderer and D. Blankenburg – Reviewed Paper

Exploitation of pre-, pro- and postbiotics for organic fruit productions: hopes and reality
E. Malusà L. Sas and N. Vassiliev – Short Communication

DOMINO – Synthesis of Soil Management Strategies Integrating Plant and Waste Based Alternative Fertilizers
S. Zikeli, C. Boutry, V. Dzhuvinov, M. Friedli, E. Furmanczyk, T. Holtz, M. Kelderer, B. Lepp, E. Malusa – Short Communication

Nutrient budgets and new fertilisation strategies in organic apple cultivation
B. Lepp, S. Zikeli, S. Buchleither, K. Möller – Short Communication

N supply by row and inter row management with legume intercrops in an apple orchard
B. Lepp, C. Eck, K. Möller, S. Buchleither and S. Zikeli – Short Communication

Inter-row management and its role in fertilisation strategies in organic apple cultivation on farms in South-West Germany-Farm
B. Lepp, M. Metzger, S. Buchleither, K. Möller and S. Zikeli – Short Communication

DOMINO – combining herbaceous species with perennial crops to make organic fruit production systems more resilient
M.-M., Fernandez,C. Boutry, M. Friedli, E. Furmanzcyk, T. Holtz, M. Kelderer, B. Lepp, E. Malusa, D. Neri, S. Zikeli – Short Communication

Effect of living mulches on soil biodiversity in an organic apple orchard
E.M. Furmanczyk, D. Kozacki , P. Trzcinski, M. Tartanus, E. Malusá – Short Communication

Pome Fruit: Disease Management

Neu 1143F – Results of a joint venture project
B. Benduhn, J. Zimmer, S. Buchleither, H. Rank, Dr. S. Kunz – Short Communication

New products for scab regulation in organic fruit growing?
C. Casera, M. Kelderer, A. Mora Vargas, Discipulus Incognitus – Reviewed Paper

Testing the efficacy of alternative plant protection products for the
control of primary scab

C. Horvath, M. Kelderer and C. Casera – Short Contribution

Susceptibility of scab resistant varieties to apple scab, sooty blotch and Marssonina coronaria
S. Buchleither, A. Bohr, S. Späth, M. Meyer, P. Haug, Christian König – Short Contribution

Evaluation of the resistance of apple cultivars to Diplocarpon coronariae for the cultivation in meadow orchards
Sophie Richter, Monika Höfer, Anne Bohr, Sascha Buchleither, Henryk Flachowsky and Thomas Wöhner – Short Contribution

A winner of the climate change: Black rot canker on pome trees in Southern Germany
J. Zugschwerdt, J. Brenner, K. Zegermacher and J. Hinrichs-Berger – Short Communication

Injector nozzles in organic apple growing – trials at the Laimburg Research Centre
M. Kelderer, J. Telfser, C Casera, E. Lardschneider – Reviewed Paper

Sheltered Production

Final results after 5 years testing of different rain-roof-covering-systems in organic apple production
T. Arnegger, A. Bohr and S. Buchleither – Reviewed Paper

Four-year experiences with exclusion netting row covers in an organic apple orchard: handling, relevant pests and diseases
M. Schluchter, S. Späth, S. Buchleither – Short Contribution

Testing the effect of a rainproof protection net on the apple production
regarding disease and pest damages

C. Boutry, M. Kelderer, T. Holtz, F. Baumgartner, and M. Friedli – Short Contribution

Biodiversity Enhancement

Effects of biodiversity measures on insects, birds, and vegetation in organic apple orchards in Germany
A. Krismann, J. Kienzle, H. Maisel, A.-L. Rau, G. Esenova, M. Zimmer, F.
Eisenreich, C.P.W. Zebitz, B. Benduhn and F.M. Schurr – Short Contribution

Fruit trees can also provide ecosystemic service in agroforestry systems
F. Warlop, A. Beche, A. Decanini, L. Boiron, M. Jacquot – Short Communication

Perception of the potential ecosystem services derived from the introduction of innovative practices of organic orchard management
P. Borsotto, I. Borri, M. Tartanus, S. Zikeli, B. Lepp, M. Kelderer, T. Holtz, M. Friedl, C. Boutry, D. Neri and E. Malusà – Short Communication

Organic Fruit Growing in Europe: First Results of the Project BioFruitNet

Technical needs in organic fruit growing in Europe: results of BIOFRUITNET’ survey
C-E. Parveaud, M. Jacquot, F. Warlop, T. Dekker, S. Revadi, N. Oeser, E. Malusa, M. Tartanus, M. Kelderer, A. Mora Vargas, E. Alcazar Marín, A. Morell Pérez, V. Verrastro, K. Djelouah, C. Boutry, M. Friedli, H. Lindhard Pedersen, G. Brouwer, R. Vavra, G. Strazdins, J. Kienzle, S. Egerer and M. Schlüter – Short Contribution

Main Research Needs in Organic Pome Fruit Growing: Results from Participatory Research Survey
J. Kienzle, M. Kelderer, A. Mora Vargas, C-E. Parveaud, E. Malusa, G. Brouwer, R. Vavra, S. Egerer, A. de Simone – Short Contribution

European Knowledge Networks in Organic Fruit Production
E. Malusa, E.M. Furmanczyk, M. Tartanus, G. Brower, C.-E. Parveaud, M. Kelderer, J. Kienzle, E. Alcazar Marin, T. Dekker, R. Vàvra, V. Verrastro, H. Lindhard Pedersen, C. Boutry, M. Friedli and M. Schlüter – Short Communication

Status of Organic Fruit Industry in the USA
W.B. Walker III – Short Communication

Pome Fruit: Pest Management

Monitoring and mapping invasive insect species: Results of the project ProgRAMM
O. Zimmermann, Björn Lutsch and Anne Reißig – Short Contribution

BC-InStink – invasive stink bugs in fruit crops
C. Dieckhoff, A. Eben, O. Zimmermann and K. Köppler – Short Communication

Approaches for a control strategy and biology of Pentatoma rufipes L. in organic fruit growing in Southern Germany
H. Al Karrat, J. Kienzle1 and C.P.W. Zebitz – Reviewed Paper

Efficiency of parasitoids and predators of Halyomorpha halys and other Pentatomidae in Bavaria
T. Lederer, E. Satzl, S. Probst – Short Contribution

Control of the spotted leaf miner Leucoptera scitella L. in organic fruit growing in Germany
H. Al Karrat, A.-L. Rau, C. Adolphi, J. Kienzle and C.P.W. Zebitz – Reviewed Paper

Virulence management of codling moth resistance to Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) in organic fruit growing in Germany
E. Fritsch, K. Undorf-Spahn, J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, B. Benduhn, C. Adolphi4, C.P.W. Zebitz, J. A. Jehle – Short Communication

Apple-rosy apple aphid interaction: cultivar impact
Ammar Alhmedi, Tim Beliën and Dany Bylemans – Short Communication

Stone Fruit

Selection of appropriate genitors for organic peach breeding in Austria
A. Spornberger, M. Lieber, J. Locher D. Noll – Short Communication

Autumn kaolin treatments and early spring oil treatments against Myzus
cerasi in Sweet cherries

F. Cahenzli and C. Boutry – Short Contribution

Small Fruit

Health promoting compounds in organic currant and gooseberry
R. Vávra, A. Horna, A. Bílková, P. Knapová, J. Kaplan – Short Communication

Ascorbic acid and vitamin C analysis in organic currant and gooseberry
R. Vávra, A. Horna, A. Bílková, P. Knapová, J. Kaplan – Short Contribution

Testing of strawberry-cultivars under organic growing conditions
B. Pfeiffer – Reviewed Paper

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