Proceedings 2020

The Proceedings include three kinds of contributions:

Reviewed Papers

This part contains papers of scientific quality which were subject of a full anonymous peer review process. Each contribution was sent to at least two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field of study. The editorial decision of acceptance of a paper in the Conference and in the part “reviewed papers” of the Proceedings was done by the Conference Organisers based on the referees’ reports.

Short Contributions

This part of the Proceedings is reserved for smaller contributions. They were subject to an abbreviated reviewing process (only one reviewer, conclusions must not be based on trials over more years or locations).

Short Communications

Authors have the possibility to present a short communication (just a short summary of two pages, not reviewed) in the proceedings and to refer to an existing or ongoing publication elsewhere. If acceptance of this publication was not yet clear or the contribution was not yet submitted to a journal, the authors have the possibility to inform us about the citation after publication. In this case, the citation will be found on Ecofruit website as soon as available.
For a clear arrangement of the contributions they are listed following the order of the topics. The information about the kind of contribution can be found in the topline of the pages.


Pome Fruit: Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties
Pome Fruit: Rootstocks
Pome Fruit: Strategies for Disease Control
Pome Fruit: Strategies for Pest Control
Soil Management
Physical Barriers
Biodiversity Enhancement
Stone Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation
Small Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation
Pome fruit: Storage
Project Presentations


Pome Fruit: Breeding and Performance of Pome Fruit Varieties

Challenges in apple breeding
M. Kellerhals, D. Tschopp, M. Roth and S. Bühlmann-Schütz – Reviewed Paper

Influencing factors for the further expansion of organic apple cultivation and breeding
H. Wolter – Reviewed Paper

Holistic Consideration of the Inheritance and Use of the Potential of On-Farm Selection Shown on the Example of Poma Culta Apple Breeding
N. Bolliger – Short Contribution

Crowd breeding of Danish apple cultivars
M. Korsgaard and T.B. Toldam-Andersen – Short Contribution

Selection from old local varieties as expanding gene resource for apple breeding
A. Zeiser, M. Meyer, F. Ruess, U. Mayr – Short Contribution

Pome Fruit: Rootstocks

Comparison of Rootstocks Geneva 16, M9 and CG11 under organic cultivation at the LVWO Weinsberg – actualized results 2009-2019
B. Pfeiffer – Reviewed Paper

Influence of Geneva rootstocks on vegetative and generative characteristics of
the apple cultivar ‘Topaz’ in a replanted orchard
A. Spornberger, E. Schüller, D. Noll – Short Communication

Performance of pear trees of the cv. ‘Uta’ on their own roots propagated from green cuttings in a field trial in Eastern Austria
A. Spornberger, E. Schüller, D. Noll, G. Osterc – Short Communication

Pome Fruit: Disease Management

Approaches how to reduce sooty mold on organically produced apples
M. Kelderer, C. Casera, A. Mora Vargas and S. Öttl – Reviewed Paper

New alternative products Memcomba and Altela for apple scab control in organic orchards
R. Vávra, V. Falta, T. Litschmann – Reviewed Paper

In search of alternatives to copper and sulphur
M. Kelderer C. Casera and J. Telfser – Reviewed Paper

Apple scab susceptibility and necessary plant protection input of “Topaz” after scab resistance breakdown
S. Buchleither, A. Bohr, M. Schluchter – Reviewed Paper

Marssonina coronaria – Fine tuning of direct regulation using acid clay
A. Bohr, S. Buchleitherand U. Mayr – Short Contribution

Genetic diversity of the apple leaf blotch fungus Marssonina coronaria in Europe
T. Oberhänsli, V. Leschenne, A. Dalbosco, A. Patocchi, A. Bohr, S. Buchleither, L. Wille, L. Tamm, and H.J. Schärer – Short Communication

Early season detection of Marssonina coronaria spore dispersal with selected spore traps and qPCR
C. Boutry, A. Bohr, S. Buchleither, M. Ludwig, T. Oberhänsli, L. Tamm, H.J.
Schärer, P. Flury – Short Communication

NEU 1143F, a possible new agent to reduce the use of copper in organic pome fruit growing, results from a joint research project
B. Benduhn, J. Zimmer, S. Buchleither, H. Rank, S. Kunz – Short Communication

Basis and Practice of Apple Marssonina leaf blotch management in China
L. Huang, H. Feng and H. Zhao – Short Communication

Pome Fruit: Pest Management

Potential for antagonists and direct tools for a control strategy of Leucoptera scitella L. in organic apple orchards in Southern Germany
H. Alkarrat; G. Esenova; J. Kienzle and C.P.W. Zebitz – Reviewed Paper

Mass trapping of the apple sawfly Hoplocampa testudinea
H. Helsen, P.J. Jansonius, G.W. Brouwer, B. van der Sluis, R. van Tol, A. de Groot, R. van Kats, R. van de Maas – Short Contribution

The project ProgRAMM: Monitoring and mapping of invasive fruit pest insects
O. Zimmermann and A. Reißig – Short Contribution

Stink bugs, pear scale and medfly:Distribution maps of invasive fruit pests in Germany
A. Reißig and O. Zimmermann – Short Contribution

Biology, abundance and control strategy of Pentatoma rufipes L. (Hemiptera,
Pentatomidae) in organic pome fruit orchards in Germany
H. Alkarrat, J Kienzle and C.P.W Zebitz – Short Contribution

Efficacy of different entomopathogenic fungi collected in the field on bugs and
codling moth
H. Alkarrat; E. Aljouri, A. El-Hasan, T. Krahl, J. Kienzle, R. Vögele and C.P.W. Zebitz – Short Contribution

How to distinguish the eggs of Halyomorpha halys Stål, Nezara viridula L., and
Pentatoma rufipes L.
H. Alkarrat, J. Kienzle and C.P.W Zebitz – Short Contribution

Control of codling moth, Cydia pomonella with CIDETRAK® CM MEC and
CIDETRAK® CM + CIDETRAK® DA MEC liquid formulations in Bulgaria
H. Kutinkova , V. Dzhuvinov and B. Lingren – Short Contribution

Showcasing use of spinosad and mating distruption products for controlling leafrollers (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in an organic apple orchard in Latvia.
E. Jākobsone, J. Gailis and L. Ozoliņa-Pole – Short Contribution

Three years experience of apple sawfly control with entomopathogenic nematodes
J. Kienzle, H. Alkarrat, D. Bicking, C. Adolphi, B. Benduhn, A.-L. Rau, J. Zimmer, S. Goertz, H. Fadel, and C.P.W. Zebitz – Short Communication

Is the brown marmorated stink bug parasitoid Trissolcus japonicus (Ashmead)
already in Germany?
H. Alkarrat, J. Kienzle and C.P.W Zebitz – Short Communication

Bioecology and management of Halyomorpha halys in fruit orchards in Southern Europe
L. Maistrello S. Caruso and M.G. Tommasini – Short Communication

Monitoring codling moth resistance to Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) in organic fruit growing in Germany
E. Fritsch, K. Undorf-Spahn, J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, B. Benduhn, C. Adolphi,
C.P.W. Zebitz, J.A. Jehle – Short Communication

Combination strategy of biocontrol measures and antagonists for the control of
leafrollers in organic apple orchards in Germany
J. Kienzle, D. Bicking, A.-L. Rau and C.P.W. Zebitz – Short Communication

First experience with Eurytoma schreineri in the Czech Republic
J. Ouředníčková and M. Skalský – Short Communication

Soil Management

Fertilization of apple trees with organic fertilizers “Keratin” and “Lumbreco” in Bulgaria – preliminary results
V. Dzhuvinov, I. Staneva, S. Gandev,  H. Kutinkova, D. Stefanova, G. Kornov, M. Stoeva – Short Contribution

Organic apricot production: Towards an ecologically intensive orchard self-sufficent in inputs: Focus on use of AMF for cultivation of rootstocks
A. Garcin., M. Millan., M. Brachet , M. Jay., B. Loquet., C. Villenave, S. Masquelier – Short Contribution

Improving Fertilisation Strategies in Organic Apple Cultivation
B. Lepp, S. Zikeli T. Hartmann, S. Buchleither, and K. Möller – Short Communication

Soil nutrient availability of new organic fertilizers formulations
E. M. Furmańczyk, M. Tartanus, T. Holtz2, M. Kelderer and E. Malusá – Short Communication

The impact of different organic fertilizers on the soil nematode assemblages
in an organic apple orchard
D. Kozacki, G. Soika, M. Tartanus and E. Malusá – Short Communication

Farmers nutrient management practices in organic apple production in Bhutan
S. Tashi – Short Communication

Physical Barriers

Exclusion netting row covers in organic apple orchards: implications regarding
practicability, pest organisms and disease control
M. Schluchter, S. Buchleither , U. Mayr – Short Contribution

Testing the effect of a rainproof protection net on the apple production regarding disease and pest damages
C. Boutry , F. Baumgartner, and M. Friedli – Short Contribution

Physical protection barriers against pests and diseases, a multi crop experience
T. Holtz, C. Casera, E. Lardschneider, A. Schmid, M. Kelderer – Short Communication

Biodiversity Enhancement

Effects of measures to enhance biodiversity in organic apple orchards in Germany
A. Krismann, J. Kienzle, M. Zimmer, F. Eisenreich, A.-L. Rau, G. Esenova,
C.P.W. Zebitz, S. Görtz, J. Berger and B. Benduhn – Short Contribution

Influence of perennial interrow flower strips on the insect population in organic apple orchards in South Tyrol
A. Haug, M. Kelderer, B. Zange, U. Benker – Short Contribution

Effect of introduction of mason bees on yield and quality of pear
W.J.M. Cuijpers, B. Luske, C. Vaderna and G. Brouwer – Short Contribution

Biodiversity in orchards and conclusions for practical application – an overview about selected studies
N. Rohde and P. Scheewe – Short Contribution

The “good” weeds or how to give value to the local flora
G. Alins, J. Lordan, N. Rodríguez-Gasol, J. Belmonte, C. De Linares, S. Alegre,
J. Arnó, J. Avilla and M.J. Sarasúa – Short Communication

Perennial flower strips for pest control in organic apple orchards
F. Cahenzli, L. Sigsgaard and L. Pfiffner – Short Communication

Gaming around diversification to teach and learn about agroecology in fruit growing
S. Penvern, A. Dufils, A. Favery, A.-L. Dossin, F. Warlop – Short Communication

Is biodiversity of parasitoid Hymenoptera affected by production management in German apple orchards?
A. Herz and H. Pfitzner – Short Communication

Consumer liking of “Elstar” apples with slight skin defects
C. Brugger, J. Kienzle – Short Communication

Beneficial organisms overwintering in fallen leaves in fruit orchards
M. Skalský, J. Niedobová, J. Ouředníčková and T. Kudláček – Short Communication

Stone Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation

Regulation of the black cherry aphid (Myzus cerasi) in organic table cherry production
D. Häseli, P. Stefani and M. Friedli – Short Contribution

Recent results of trials with plant extracts against Monilinia laxa, Blumeriella jaapii and Gloeosporium fructigenum
B. Pfeiffer and J. Stoll – Short Contribution

Weather variables and landscape composition influence blossom and twig blight (Monilinia spp.) damages on apricot in southeastern France
M. Jacquot, J. Brenner, L. Brun, S. Buléon, W. Chambeyron, D. Dam, J. Dubois, E. Freyssinet, B. Labeyrie, J.-C. Mouchet, S. Stévenin, P. Tresson, Y. Yobé and C.-E. Parveaud – Short Communication

Small Fruit: Strategies of Organic Cultivation

Demonstration project “Exclusion netting for managing Spotted Wing Drosophila in fruit crops” – Results 2017 – 2019
C. Augel, B. Boehnke, A. Wichura, J. Lindstaedt, J.-H. Wiebusch,A. Engel, S.
Benz, J. Saltzmann, G. Eberhardt, H. Vogt, K. Köppler – Short Contribution

Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) varieties for organic production
G. Muster – Short Contribution

Improving Zn nutritional status using amino acids and orthosilicic acid
in strawberry plants
S. Soppelsa, M. Kelderer, C. Casera, A. Matteazzi and C. Andreotti – Short Communication

Pome fruit: Storage

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA)- A chance for sustainable organic fruit storage
D.A. Neuwald; F.R. Thewes ; R. Wirth; F. Büchele; N. Klein and A. Brackmann – Short Communication

Ethanol vapor treatment suppresses ethylene production and action in ‘Elstar’ apples
F. R. Thewes; F. Büchele; B. Balkees; A. Brackmann and D.A. Neuwald – Short Communication

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