Strategies for Disease Control

A simulation program for the timing of fungicides to control Sooty Blotch in organic apple growing. First results in 2003
Marc Trapman

The effectiveness of winter treatments with copper or lime sulphur to control Sooty Blotch on apple
Marc Trapman

Examinations to date the exactly time of Infections of Sooty Blootch in 2003 in the region Bodensee
Barbara Kopp

Economics of Hot Water Dippin
Maxin P., Klopp K.

Investigations on alternative substances for control of apple scab –
results from sanitation trialsl

Pfeiffer B., Alt S., Häfner C., Hein B., Schulz C., Kollar A.

Reduction of the ascospore potential by calcium
Barbara Kopp

Inoculim related scab control in organic farming
Peter Triloff

Results from two years of sanitation measures to reduce apple scab in organic orchards
Markus Kelderer , Ewald Lardschneider, Klaus Marschall

Results in research on lime sulphur and other products to control apple scab under northern German climate conditions
Karsten Klopp, Petra Kruse, Peter Maxin, Gerd Palm

Investigations on alternative substances for control of apple scab –
Results from Conidia germinating tests and experiments with plant extracts

Pfeiffer B., Alt S., Hein B., Schulz C., Kollar, A.

Development of “Blossom-Protect” – a yeast preparation for the reduction of blossom infections by fire blight
Stefan Kunz

Fire blight in different production systems in Germany and strategies to control the disease
Wilhelm Jelkmann

Four years of experience with the control of plum rust in organic production
Andreas Häseli

Disease control in organic cherry production with new products and early plas-tic cover of the trees
Andreas Häseli und Franco Weibel

Evaluation of grapefruit seed extract as natural fungicide to control apple scab in organic apple growing
Marc Trapman

Effects of burying and removing dead leaves from the ground on the development of scab epidemics in an apple organic orchard
C. Gomez, L. Brun, D. Chauffour, D. de Le Vallée, E. Rolland

Apple scab control with grapefruit seed extract: no alternative to chemical fungicides
Renate Spitaler , Klaus Marschall , Christian Zidorn, Kelderer Markus, Roland Zelger, Hermann Stuppner

Investigation on the Biocontrol of Phytophthora diseases on strawberry based on antagonism
J. Anandhakumar & W. Zeller

Fruit Thinning and Crop Load Regulation

Results from thinning experiments in 2002 and 2003
Pfeiffer B., Englert, M.

Vinasse: an alternative to lime sulphur for flower thinning?
Markus Kelderer , Ewald Lardschneider, Claudio Casera

Reduction of net photosynthesis after blossom: a possibility to control alternate bearing in organic orchards?
Markus Prantl , Markus Kelderer , Luca Corelli Grapadelli , Ewald Lardschneider

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