Strategies for Pest Control

Codling moth granulovirus: Variations in the susceptibility of local codling moth populations
Eva Fritsch, Karin Undorf-Spahn, Jutta Kienzle, Claus P.W. Zebitz, Jürg Huber

What do we (need to) know about low-susceptibility of codling moth against Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV)!
Johannes A. Jehle, Samy Sayed, Britta Wahl-Ermel

Codling moth populations less susceptible to CpGV: What about higher concentrations?
J. Kienzle, P. Triloff, C.P.W. Zebitz

Control of the apple sawfly Hoplocampa testudinea Klug in organic fruit growing
J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, P. Maxin, H. Rank, H. Bathon, C.P.W. Zebitz

Kaolin as a possible treatment against lepidopteran larvae and mites in organic fruit production
G. Jaastad, D. Røen, Å-M. Helgheim, B. Hovland and O. Opedal

Biological Control of Woolly Apple Aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum HauSM.) with Aphelinus mali HALD.
K. Hetebrügge, N. Fieger-Metag, J. Kienzle, H. Bathon, C.P.W. Zebitz, J. Zimmer

Trial to control woolly aphid by earwigs
Christian Scheer, Martin Trautmann

Trials to control European pear sucker
Christian Scheer, Martin Trautmann

Autumn applications of sulphur – a new approach to control the pear leaf blister mite Eriophyes pyri
Claudia Daniel, Christian Linder& Eric Wyss

Control methods against bugs (Hemiptera; Heteroptera) in organic apple and pear production
G. Jaastad, N. Trandem, B. Hovland, O. Opedal, S. Mogan, D. Røen, O. Sørum and E. Bjotveit

Bait sprays – an alternative to control the European cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis
cerasi ?

Kirsten Köppler, Volker Storch, Heidrun Vogt

Biological control of the cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis cerasi L. (Diptera, Tephritidae) by use of entomopathogenic nematodes: first experiences towards practical implementation.
Annette Herz, Kirsten Köppler, Heidrun Vogt, Ellen Elias, Peter Katz, Arne Peters

Efficacy of Quassia extract on the apple sawfly Hoplocampa testudinea Klug
Wirkung von Quassiaextrakt auf die Apfelsägewespe Hoplocampa testudinea Klug

Kienzle, J.; Zimmer, J.; Maxin, P.; Rank, H.; Bathon, H.; Zebitz, C.P.W.

Control of the appleseed moth Grapholita lobarzewskii Ragonot in organic fruit growing
J. Kienzle, S. Buchleither, C. Scheer; C.P.W. Zebitz

Strategies for Disease Control

Contributions of EU-project REPCO to apple scab control
Jürgen Köhl, Bart Heijne, John Hockenhull, Hanne Lindhard Pedersen, Marc Trapman, Ute Eiben, Lucius Tamm

The post-infection activity of hydrated lime against conidia of
Venturia inaequalis

Jurith Montag, Lukas Schreiber and Jörg Schönherr

Successful control of apple scab with hydrated lime
Peter Grimm-Wetzel und Jörg Schönherr

Efficacy of Armicarb (potassium bicarbonate) against scab and
sooty blotch on apples

Lucius Tamm, Thomas Amsler, Hansjakob Schärer, Matthias Refardt

First results of the use of potassium bicarbonate against scab in South Tyrol
Markus Kelderer, Casera Claudio, Lardschneider Ewald

First experiences with bicarbonate against scab in Hamburg
Peter Heyne, Petra Kruse, Peter Maxin

Resistance management in Vf apple scab resistant organic apple orchards
Marc Trapman

New Results from scab-experiments (treatments on fallen leaves and summer-applications)
Pfeiffer Barbara

Development of “Boni-Protect” – a yeast preparation for use in the control of
postharvest diseases of apples

Armin Weiss, Gudrun Mögel, Stefan Kunz

Nectria galligena as the cause of a collar rot disease in organically grown Topaz apple trees
Roland W. S. Weber & Karsten Klopp

Hot Water Dipping in Northern Germany- on farm results after four years of scientific work
Peter Maxin, Nicole Fieger-Metag, Bastian Benduhn, Petra Kruse, Peter Heyne

Observations on the epidemiology of Sooty Blotch in Organic orchards in the

Marc Trapman

Organic apple farming without pesticide application
Karlheinz Geipel, Wolfgang Kreckl

Possible solutions for replant problems caused by soil-borne pathogens in
organic strawberry production

A. Spornberger, R. Steffek, K. Stich, K. Jezik, J. Scheiblauer, J. Altenburger, H. Halbwirth, C. Gosch

Development of a strategy for fire blight control in organic fruit growing
Stefan Kunz, Philipp Haug

The post-infection activities of copper hydroxide and copper sulfate against
conidia of Venturia inaequalis

Jurith Montag, Lukas Schreiber and Jörg Schönherr

Effects of the period of application of K-phosphite on residues on apple fruits
Markus Kelderer, Aldo Matteazzi, Claudio Casera

Phytotoxicity of different sulphur products applied with the sprayer or with the
overheat irrigation system on Braeburn apples

Markus Kelderer, Casera Claudio, Lardschneider Ewald

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