Proceedings 2008

Reviewing process of the contributions
Opening speech of the patron of the conference, IFOAM EU Group

Scab and System Ecology
New Products and Strategies for Scab Control
Strategies for other Diseases: Sooty Blotch
Stone Fruit: Control of Cherry Fruit Fly
Stone Fruit: Pest Control and Cultivars in Stone Fruit
Small Fruit: Breeding and Testing of Cultivar
Small Fruit: Cultivation Methods
Soil Management
Biology of Pome Fruit Diseases
Models for Conversion
Mirid Control
Control of Woolly Apple Aphid
Pome Fruit: Cultivar and Perspectives of Breeding
Codling Moth: Biology and Modelling
Codling moth: Perspectives of CpGV
Codling Moth: Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Control of Diapausing Larvae
Codling Moth: Other Control Strategies
Fire Blight Control
Fruit Setting
Control of Voles in Orchards

Opening address: Towards a system approach in organic fruit growing
P. J. Jansonius

Scab and System Ecology

Disease management in organic apple orchards is more than applying the right product at the correct time
M. Trapman, P. J. Jansonius

New approaches in biological control of apple scab
J. Köhl, W. Molhoek, L. Groenenboom-de Haas, H. Goossen-van de Geijnand, U. Eiben

Conference pears: work on system changes to enable betterscab control in organic orchards in the Netherlands
P. J. Jansonius

Leaf by Leaf: An improved method of describing apple scab infections in field trials using MS Excel
P. Maxin and P. Heyne

Sensibility of scab-resistant varieties to sooty blotch
S. Späth, U. Mayr

New Products and Strategies for Scab Control

Results from scab trials with Armicarb in the years 2006 and 2007
B. Pfeiffer

Formulated and unformulated carbonates to control apple scab
(Venturia inaequalis) on organic apple
M. Kelderer, C. Casera, E. Lardschneider

Reducing russeting of organically grown Elstar to increase quality
P. F. de Jong and M. P. van der Maas

Degradation behaviour of potassium K-phosphite in apple trees
M. Kelderer, A. Matteazzi, C. Casera

Control of apple scab by curative applications of biocontrol agents
S. Kunz, G. Mögel, M. Hinze, F. Volk

Practical experience with the use of Baking Powder (potassium bicarbonate) for the control of Apple Scab (Venturia ineaqualis)
M. Trapman

Evaluation of the users value of salts against apple scab and powdery mildew for fruit production
P. Creemers, S. Van Laer, A. Van Mechelen, B. Vorstermans, K. Hauke

Strategies for other Diseases: Sooty Blotch

Sooty blotch of apple: Efficacy of different application strategies
U. Mayr, S. Späth

Stone Fruit: Control of Cherry Fruit Fly

Field applications of entomopathogenic fungi against Rhagoletis cerasi
C. Daniel, E. Wyss

Beauveria bassiana strain ATCC 74040 (Naturalis®), a valuable tool for the control of the cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi)
E. Ladurner, M. Benuzzi, F. Fiorentini, S. Franceschini

First experiences in the application of biopreparations against the cherry fruit fly in Southern Russia in 2007
L. A. Vasilyeva , E. Hummel

Bait sprays against the European cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis cerasi: Status Quo & Perspectives
K. Köppler, T. Kaffer and H. Vogt

Stone Fruit: Pest Control and Cultivars in Stone Fruit

A primary survey of aphid species on almond and peach, and natural enemies of Brachycaudus amygdalinus in As-Sweida, Southern Syria
W. Almatni and N. Khalil

Influence of plastic cover on fruit-quality and Monilia laxa infestations with organically produced apricots
L. Wurm and W. Urschler

Suitability of peach and nectarine cultivars for organic production under pannonic climate conditions in Austria
B. Öhlinger, A. Spornberger, H. Keppel

Small Fruit: Breeding and Testing of Cultivar

Results from a three year testing project of new strawberry cultivars in Verticillium infested soils and under organic farming conditions
A. Spornberger, H. Weissinger, R. Steffek, J. Scheiblauer,
K. Jezik, J. Altenburger, K. Stich

Testing of strawberry-varieties (with/without biodegradable mulch film) for organic cultivation
B. Pfeiffer

Pathogenicity in Verticillium on strawberry plants
P. Schubert, J. Golldack, H. Schwärzel, P. Lentzsch

Strawberry breeding for disease resistance in Dresden
K. Olbricht, M.-V. Hanke

Small Fruit: Cultivation Methods

Influence of different soil preparation techniques on organically grown strawberries
L. Brockamp, B. Eis

Effect of mechanical soil treatment in blueberry orchards
B. Benduhn, P. Maxin, B. Pfeiffer

Development of an Organic Table Grape Production and Market
in Switzerland

A. Häseli, J.-L. Tschabold, F. Suter and F. P. Weibel

Soil Management

The mineralization of commercial organic fertilizers at 8°C temperature
M. Kelderer, M. Thalheimer, O. Andreaus, A. Topp, R. Burger, P. Schiatti

Soil microbial activity and earthworm abundance in orchards under
conventional and organic growth management systems

L. Jamar, M. Aubinet, T. Fievez, H. Magein, M. Lateur

Biology of Pome Fruit Diseases

Improving control of storage diseases on apple by combining
biological and physical post-harvest methods

B. Vorstermans, S. Van Laer, P. Creemers, H. Jijakli, P. Pujos

Diplodia seriata, cause of black fruit rot in organically grown apples in Holland, Belgium and Northern Germany
M. Trapman, P. Maxin, R. W. S. Weber

Models for Conversion

Can models be useful for deciding to convert to organic fruit growing?
An introduction to the discussion

F. Warlop

Mirid Control

Pilot field studies on insect pathogenic fungi to control mirid pests of apples in Norway
G. Jaastad, I. Klingen, K. Westrum and B. Hovland

A survey of natural parasitism of mirid bugs by parasitoids on apples and pears in Norway
G. Jaastad, N. Trandem, B. Hovland and R. T. Djønne

Control of Woolly Apple Aphid

Winter treatments against the woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum):
products and timing of applications

M. Kelderer, E. Lardschneider, C. Casera

Control of the woolly apple aphid (Erisoma lanigerum Hausm.) by releasing earwigs (Forficula auricularia L.) and support oil applications - an interim report of first year results
I. Toups, J. Zimmer, M. Trautmann, N. Fieger-Metag, S. Buchleither, H. Bathon

Understanding earwig phenology in top fruit orchards
B. Gobin, G. Peusens, R. Moerkens and H. Leirs

Pome Fruit: Cultivar and Perspectives of Breeding

An assessment of apple varieties for their suitability in organic production systems
J. Fitzgerald, J. Cross, A. Berrie and S. Cubison

Testing of pear trees on their own roots in comparison with important used rootstocks under organic farming conditions with special regard to fire blight (E. amylovora)
A. Spornberger, R. Brunmayer, G. Fischer, C. Kaufmann, G. Osterc

Resistance Breeding in Apple at Dresden-Pillnitz
A. Peil, F. Dunemann, K. Richter, M. Hoefer, I. Király, H. Flachowsky, M.-V. Hanke

Modern approaches for breeding high quality apples with durable resistance to scab, powdery mildew and fire blight
M. Kellerhals, A. Patocchi, B. Duffy, J. Frey

Sustainable apple breedings needs sustainable marketing and management
M. Weber

Codling Moth: Biology and Modelling

Field observations about the behaviour of codling-moth in Trentino (North-Eastern Italy)
L. Mattedi, F. Forno, M. Varner, P. Umberto

Development of a dynamic population model as a decision support system for Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella L) management
M. Trapman, H. Helsen, M. Polfliet

Codling moth: Perspectives of CpGV

Impact of different Agents on the Efficacy of Codling Moth Granulovirus in Tank Mixtures
E. Fritsch, K. Undorf-Spahn, J. Huber, J. Kienzle

Madex Plus and Madex I12 overcome Virus Resistance of Codling Moth
D. Zingg

Field tests with Madex Plus against CpGV-resistant codling moth
populations in organic orchards in 2006

J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, F. Volk, C. P. W. Zebitz

The Future of Cydia pomonella Granulovirus in Biological Control of Codling Moth
J. A. Jehle

Codling Moth: Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Control of Diapausing Larvae
Effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes in the control of
Cydia pomonella larvae in Northern Italy

G. Curto, A. Reggiani, S. Vergnani, S. Caruso, E. Ladurner

Experiences with entomopathogenic nematodes for the control of overwintering codling moth larvae in Germany
J. Kienzle, J. Zimmer, F. Volk, C. P. W. Zebitz

Entomopathogenic nematodes for biological control of codling moth
A. Peters, P. Katz, E. Elias

Codling Moth: Other Control Strategies

Regulation of Cydia pomonella in the Northern German climate
P. Heyne, B. Benduhn, N. Fieger-Metag, P. Maxin

An innovative strategy to control codling moth: “ALT‘CARPO” Concept
L. Romet, G. Severac

Evaluation of an active mating disruption concept against codling moth (Cydia pomonella) under the aspects of different application systems
and varieties

B. Schildberger, L. Wurm, M. Kickenweiz

Fire Blight Control
Field testing of strategies for fire blight control in organic fruit growing
S. Kunz, A. Schmitt, P. Haug

Biological control of apple scab and fire blight by the application of the non-pathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens Bk3 to the leaf surface
S. Schmoock, S. Kürkcüoglu and A. E. Gau

Fruit Setting

Tree shading: an efficient method to control alternate bearing?
M. Kelderer, E. Lardschneider, C. Casera

Towards Grower-friendly Apple Crop Thinning by Tree Shading
A. Widmer, K. Kockerols, S. Schwan, W. Stadler and L. Bertschinger

Thinning of Organic Apple Production with Potassic Soap and Calcium Polysulfide at the North of Spain
E. Dapena de la Fuente, A. Fernández-Ceballos

Optimizing crop loading of apples and pears - results 2004-2006 (foliar fertilizers, thinning)
B. Pfeiffer, B. Eis, J. Zimmer, N. Fieger-Metag

Control of Voles in Orchards

How expensive is vole damage?
B. Walther, O. Fülling, J. Malevez, H.-J. Pelz

The “Rodenator”: an efficient device for controlling field mice and root voles?
M. Kelderer, C. Casera

Fruitgrowers towards a new approach to enhance biodiversity in organic orchards
J. Kienzle



Organizing committee

Jutta Kienzle, Foeko e.V., Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Sabine Zikeli, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Prof. Dr. Claus P.W. Zebitz, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Dr. Markus Kelderer, Research Centre Laimburg (I)
Barbara Pfeiffer, LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Franz Ruess,  LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Sascha  Buchleither, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Dr. Ulrich Mayr, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Bart Timmermans, Louis Bolk Institute (NL)
Dr. Michael Friedli, FIBL (CH)
Francois Warlop, GRAB (F)
Dr. Peter Triloff, Marktgemeinschaft Bodenseeobst (D)
Hanne Lindhard, GartneriRådgivningen (DK)
Andreas Spornberger, BOKU Wien (AT)
Dr. Eligio Malusa, RIH Skierniewice (PL)